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2 x Chainsaw Saw Chains Suits Partner 540 18"

Our Price: £15.35

2 x Chainsaw Saw Chains Suits Partner 540 18"

2 x .325 1.5 mm (.058) 72 Drive Link Saw Chain.

.325" 1.5 72

Similar to Oregon 21

Features include

Important, please check your guide bar to ensure these are the chains you require as this saw if fitted with 1.3mm or 1.5mm gauge chain, if you are unsure please email us at sales@treeandgrass.co.uk and we will be able to advise you on the saw chain you require.

These saw chains are an improved version of the Titan saw chain and are semi professional chains.

The saw chain is a semi chisel saw chain which is of benefit to users who hand sharpen the chains as it is more forgiving of filing errors. Also because it is a semi-chisel chain it will stay sharper for longer whilst also being a fast cutting chain.

The chain is a competitive price due to the quantity we purchase and not because of the quality.

Included with these chains are two 4.8mm files, to ensure the correct size is used to sharpen this chain. These 4.8mm files can be ordered in packs of 3 from our ebay shop.

SKU: B-058-72DL(2)+70533SINGLE(2)

MPN: NSB-058-72DL(2)+70533SINGLE(2)

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